Vanilla Thick Yoghurt
For a lasting vanilla taste

Vanilla Thick Yoghurt

Daima Vanilla flavoured thick yoghurt satisfies your hunger pangs and cravings for a delicious and healthy grub. This thick and creamy lite bite leaves a lasting taste and provides you with quick energy for your daily activities.

No Added Preservative

A natural product of high-quality with no added preservatives to keep your body fit, active and healthy.

Source of Protein and Calcium

An ideal source of protein and calcium that strengthens your bones and keeps you energized and active for your daily activities.

Nutritional Facts

Vanilla Thick Yoghurt
  • Fresh For 45 Days
  • Available Size 150 g, 250 g & 500 g
Energy 110 Kcal
Carbohydrates 14 g
Protein 4.2 g
Fat 3.4 g
Calcium 200 g

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