Whole Milk PET
Easy to store nutrition

Whole Milk PET

Daima Fresh Wholemilk compliments yours and your family’s daily activities with wholesome nourishment and a lip-smacking taste. With our innovative Aseptic PET technology – we have introduced wholemilk in bottle packaging, making it stay fresh for longer without any preservatives while keeping its natural taste intact.

Long Shelf Life

Packed for a longer shelf-life to preserve its sublime taste, rich nutritional values and high-grade quality.

No Added Preservative

A natural product of high-quality with no added preservatives to keep your body fit, active and healthy.

No Refrigeration Required

Handled with flash-heating process to retain the nutrients and maintain the freshness of the product for a longer period of time without refrigeration.

Source of Protein and Calcium

An ideal source of protein and calcium that strengthens your bones and keeps you energized and active for your daily activities.


Packed in the revolutionary Aseptic PET bottles to seal freshness and nutritional value while guaranteeing recycling.

Nutritional Facts

Whole Milk PET
  • Fresh For 6 Months
  • Available Size 250 ml, 500 ml & 1 l
Energy 63 Kcal
Carbohydrates 4.6 g
Protein 3.4 g
Fat 3.4 g
Calcium 120 g

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